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Avatar AI

Create avatars of anyone with just text

Describe what you want your avatar to do with text and generate whatever you want

"hulk, green skin, torn pants, fighting pose"
"music video cover, rapper, 90s style"
"female as a powerful mysterious sorceress, casting lightning magic"
"Joker, face painted, vivid bright colors, male"

Companion AI

Interact with anyone

The most advanced AI companion you've ever talked to. Create your companion and talk to them about anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this free to use?

Yes! DeepFaceSwap is free to use for everyone to swap 5 photos a day. We do offer a premium plan for those who want to support us and get access to more features.

Are there any watermarks?

Nope! Even for the free plan, we do not add any watermarks or content filters.

What do you do with my data and images?

Your data is your data! We delete everything permanently 2 weeks after upload. We do not sell or share your data or images to anyone.

How does your face swapping AI work?

We use the latest AI technology to swap faces in your images. We use a combination of GANs, neural networks, and other AI techniques to create the best results.

What is Avatar AI?

Avatar AI is a new feature that allows you to upload a person's face and a text description of what you want them to be doing. Our AI will then generate a new image of that person doing the action you described.

What is Companion AI?

Companion AI lets you create an AI powered chatbot that you can talk to about anything.